Darkstar German Shepherds

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Previous Litter this Year 8/2015

Jacoda & Leo August 24, 2015

All Happily in their new homes!


Sire: Makoto's Darkstar Wolf Leo

Dam: Darkstar's Jewel of Jacoda

Individual Puppies

Puppy #1 Pinkachu
Very large female

Puppy #2  Pebbles 
Beautifully marked female.

Puppy #3 Anuk
Adorable dark coat male.

Puppy #4 Orange Julius
Outgoing male leader.

Puppy #5 Lil' Lenny
Cute affectionate male.

Puppy #6 Logan
Our  majestic male.

Puppy #7 Scout
Alert Happy Male

Puppy #8 Thorn
Huge Handsome Male
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